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Laying the Foundation for Success

Creativity is always the key, If you feel as though your listings need some personality, try writing them in a way that will bring a smile to the consumer’s face. This same rule applies to pictures: try featuring them in a way that make them more exciting. Instead of posting the image on a white background. This will bring your listing to life that can have a profound impact.

One of the best ways to ensure your potential account is accepted is to make sure that your products are in line with Walmart’s vision. Affordability, value, and convenience are all things that Walmart and its customer-base believe in — so a company with products that could be described by such words probably has a better chance of getting accepted

Embrace innovation and expand your reach

Selling on Walmart Marketplace puts your brand and products in front of more people. And while not everyone who comes across your company will buy from it, having that increased presence could boost brand recognition and ultimately lead to additional traffic and sales.

Some merchants have even reported seeing their website traffic increase after setting up a listing on Walmart Marketplace. This suggests a brand’s alignment with the retail giant increases awareness, credibility and potentially even sales.

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